At CB Pacific, we are 30+ employees strong,


and we represent an elite group of manufacturers that create hardware, software and industrial automation products centered around making plants run more efficiently.

Perhaps you work in a pulp & paper mill, a power plant, a refinery, a plant that manufactures electronic components, or even airplanes, or maybe your end product you work hard to produce is clean water.   Whatever processes you are running, we know you’d love to do it more efficiently.  We can help make your process more robust AND safe from hackers.  You also need to data into your hands faster, so you can interpret it and take action.  Predictive, protective and preventive practices are all methods we know how to implement.

That’s where we come in. 

Production Manager   Valve Applications Engineer   Controls Engineer   IT Manager  

Programmer   Small Business Owner   Production Scheduler   Field Engineer

These are just some of the positions the staff of CB Pacific has held over the years, and in that time, we took notes and learned from our experience.  Today, CBP provides value in our marketplace by offering support to Engineers, Integrators, OEM's, and End Users with one of the largest groups of application engineers and trainers in the Pacific Northwest. 

CBP routinely provides assistance and training in the automation and manufacturing sectors for SCADA architecture, PLC and PAC controller architectures, migration strategies, data collection, reporting and data analysis, and MES services.

We love to collaborate with our customers because we’ve been in your shoes, and we are here because we are passionate about making you successful.  In a nutshell, we provide the products and technical expertise that make for successful project executions.  Contact us to see how we can help you meet your operational goals today.