Plant Applications Mobile

Would you like to start viewing your plant’s operational data on a mobile device or in a browser?

Contact us today to learn more about Plant Applications Mobile – one of GE’s newest and most useful software packages.  Using existing historian data, this package allows operational and facility related KPIs and alarms to be viewed on a mobile device – like an iPad or Android tablet.  It’s secure, by design, and uses geo-intelligence to put the right information in the right hands – improving efficiency and productivity in your operation. 

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Real-Time Operational Intelligence

To drive productivity, industrial operations need information to be sourced from any existing system and transformed into information with context to equipment, location and role. They need to leverage smart mobile devices that have secure access to actionable information. This is the emerging market called Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI).

Proficy Mobile App

With GE’s Proficy Mobile, you can drive real-time operational intelligence for your operations by arming each employee with the right data at the right time securely from any device. Your workforce will have the information they need to take action anywhere—driving faster responsiveness to
critical items and early problem detection. It allows you to adopt your company -owned mobile tablets and phones or harness the power of your employee-owned devices quickly, easily, and securely.

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