Plant Applications OEE

Are you interested in knowing your Asset OEE?

Plant Applications OEE

Monitor, measure, and improve your manufacturing performance with GE’s Plant Applications OEE

It’s an out-of-the-box software offering that helps you continuously monitor, measure, and improve your manufacturing performance. Honed by GE’s world-class manufacturing processes, Plant Applications OEE is a simple tool with best-of-breed

Efficiency Management capabilities.  It’s easy to implement. Proven to deliver.

And scalable to meet your continuous improvement initiatives.

Reduce Quality Costs

By tracking context-rich quality data using OEE, production managers can identify root causes and eliminate further costs associated with rework and scrap.  Improving the focus on quality at every stage of production also reduces warranty costs. 

Increase Labor Efficiencies

To optimize the productivity of your existing workforce, Plant Applications OEE not only captures operator downtime reasons, but also productivity data. With this information, management can better judge the proper allocation of resources based on personnel productivity and identify additional capacity within the existing workforce instead of hiring new labor.

Reduce Downtime Costs

Plant Applications OEE enables predictive maintenance that can dramatically reduce repair costs by discerning trends that predict an impending failure. By interfacing to EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems, you can drive proactive steps.

Increased Personnel Productivity

An OEE system enables the shop floor to go paperless. Typically, facility operators and supervisors spend an enormous amount of clerical time recording, analyzing and reporting downtime reasons and root causes on paper, then further explaining these reports to management. An OEE system captures and reports downtime and efficiency automatically. This saves time lost in non-value added reporting activities and allows personnel to focus on more valuable tasks.

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