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Our vision is to deliver exceptional value to our customers by applying our valve and problem-solving expertise to improve their operational performance.

Together, we accomplish our vision:

  • By applying our flow expertise through a broad portfolio of engineered valve solutions
  • By delivering superior product performance built on quality designs and manufacturing
  • By providing best in class customer service
  • Through outstanding effort and skills of our dedicated employees
  • By effectively serving our customers, partners, employees, communities and other stakeholders.






Valtek control valves are ideal for high-accuracy flow regulation.  The Flowserve family of linear & rotary control valves can be applied from general service to severe applications for both gas and liquids. They are ideal for frequent operation due to their excellent position accuracy and repeatability. Users can satisfy a range of requirements, with choices ranging from cryogenic designs to low noise and anti-cavitation trims.





















Safety relief valves from LESER reliably protect industrial applications against overpressure. Browse the produce guide below and see some of our solutions

LESER LLC, located in Charlotte, NC/ USA, provides support and service directly from the manufacturer and holds a large stock with local assembly. Ask CB Pacific for competent consulting, convenient ordering, fast and punctual delivery and after sales service.





Cashco, Inc. is a worldwide leading manufacturer of a broad line of industrial control products. Products include control valves, regulators, controllers, pressure/vacuum relief vents, and flame and detonation arrestors. Cashco , Inc. services their customers in industries including chemical, terminal storage, oil & gas, electronics, food and pharmaceutical through companies like CB Pacific.