Controller Maintenance - Logic Developer PLC

Class Details

The Controller Maintenance with Logic Developer PLC course provides the student with the skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair faults in Emerson Machine Automation Solutions controllers (90-30, 90-70, VersaMax, RX7i and RX3i). The class is taught using Logic Developer PLC software, which is part of the Machine Edition family of products. The focus of this course is teaching students how to interpret existing ladder logic programs for troubleshooting purposes. Students are also taught how to use the troubleshooting tools within the software to determine where faults have occurred and how to correct them.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for anyone who will be troubleshooting Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLC control systems using Proficy Logic Developer PLC Machine Edition software. The course is designed for electrical technicians, electricians, and/or engineers beginning to work with Logic Developer PLC, who will be tasked with modifying and maintaining PLC programs and hardware.

Are there any prerequisites?

Participants should be comfortable operating in a Microsoft Windows environment and should have a basic understanding of electrical/control fundamentals.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this Course, you should be able to:
• Define the function of each hardware component of Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLC systems
• Describe the Machine Edition software environment
• Configure and establish communication to the Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLC hardware
• Configure Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLC hardware using Logic Developer PLC software
• Define the instruction set(s) for Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLCs
• Modify existing ladder logic in Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLCs
• Access and interpret Emerson Machine Automation Solutions PLC and I/O fault tables
• Use troubleshooting tools within Logic Developer PLC software
• Interpret existing ladder logic for troubleshooting purposes

Class Info

Upcoming dates and times

  • 09/21/21 (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM) - Distant Learning - Dale Keister - Register