GE HMI SCADA-iFIX Fundamentals

Class Details

The Proficy iFIX Fundamentals course is designed to  provide a good working knowledge of iFIX. All major  features are covered, from project configuration to data  acquisition and visualization. Valuable hands-on lab  exercises are provided to guide students through the  building and modification of an HMI/SCADA application  from top to bottom.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for process, automation or instrumentation engineers and system integrators who  will be developing, configuring and using applications on an iFIX system.

Are There Any Prerequisites?

Participants should have a working knowledge of Windows operating systems. Control system exposure  and experience is recommended.

What Tasks Will Be Taught in This Class?

Upon completion of this Course, the student will be able to:  

  • Understand communication between iFIX SCADA Servers and iFIX iClient nodes.   
  • Configure iFIX nodes using the System Configuration Utility.
  • Configure I/O Drivers to communicate with iFIX.   
  • Create and modify standard Process Database tags.
  • Create graphic screens (pictures) using a wide variety of object types and animations.  
  • Design and build a picture navigation strategy.  
  • Create basic scripts using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • Configure alarming and create screens to monitor and acknowledge alarms.  
  • Use trending to monitor both real-time and historical data.  
  • Design and build a system-wide security strategy.  
  • Use a variety of iFIX Utilities and Operating System administrative options to troubleshoot project or system  process faults.

Class Info

Upcoming dates and times

  • 09/14/21 (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM) - Distant Learning - Pete Miller - Register