Pete Miller

Peter Miller is a GE Certified Support Provider (CSP) and Application Engineer at CB Pacific where he currently teaches Proficy HMI SCADA iFIX Fundamentals, Advanced iFIX, Proficy Historian Development, Proficy Real-time Information Portal and Proficy HMI SCADA-Cimplicity. Before joining CB Pacific in 2002, he served as a PLC Specialist in Portland working with both the Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric PLC product lines. He is also a Certified Support Provider for the GE-IP iFIX/FIX32 products.  Pete received his Associate of Applied Science degree at Portland Community College in 1982 and has completed numerous industry training courses throughout the years.  When not in the classroom, Pete is usually found onsite assisting customers with SCADA projects. 

Dale Keister

Dale joined CB Pacific in 2010 as a Senior Technical Consultant, and has been selling and supporting GE hardware and software in the Pacific Northwest for ­­­­29 years.  Dale is a GE Certified Support Provider (CSP) and is also certified to instruct the Proficy Logic Developer PLC Machine Edition, PACSystems Programming, and PLC Maintenance with Proficy Logic Developer courses offered by CBP and GE.  Dale is passionate about educating and working with his clients in the oil & gas, semiconductor, and energy industries.   In his free time, you can find Dale travelling around the Northwest on his Harley, travelling to Mexico, and golfing.  

Allyson Harris

Allyson joined CB Pacific in 2016 and is a GE Certified Support Provider (CSP) for Workflow and Cimplicity. As an Application Engineer, she currently teaches Proficy HMI SCADA Cimplicity Fundamentals.  Allyson received her Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering from University of Washington in 2014. Allyson is passionate about empowering, educating, and assisting clients to achieve their goals. In her spare time, she is traveling the world, sampling new cuisines, and painting.

Steve Lajoie

Steve joined CB Pacific in 2016 and is a GE Certified Support Professional (CSP) in Plant Applications and a GE certified trainer for the GE Digital Historian.  Prior to working with CB Pacific, Steve worked for the MES software provider Parsec Automation.  Steve’s responsibilities ranged from project implementation and management, overseeing the Technical training programs, including how to implement and use the TrakSYS MES software package.  Prior to his MES experience Steve worked as a Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, Applications Engineer, and IT Manager.  Steve has a broad technically based background that allows him to see the big picture in technical design, implementation, support and training