Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Helping OEMs Become More Profitable

Equipment manufacturers design, build, and sell systems to many of the markets served by CB Pacific. We share a deep understanding of their specialized needs, an appreciation for the demanding environments in which they operate and the commitment to deliver products and services needed for success. CB Pacific partners with OEM customers to offer customized training, enabling you to drive business development and generate new revenue streams.

Our solutions include:

  • IIoT & Analytics
  • Industrial Computing
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Networking & Security
  • PLC & Control
  • HMI/SCADA & Visualization

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Collaborate with CB Pacific to learn ways to improve operational efficiencies, compress time to market by leveraging innovation.

Connected Intelligent Equipment – Your Partner in Success

Connect and Collect – It all begins with digitizing your equipment and capturing your equipment’s voice electronically.  We have a variety of ways to connect into your equipment.  We support all the standard protocols and can customize interfaces including legacy serial devices.

Visualize and Act – Develop custom graphics using standardized tools that offer rapid application development.  Process graphics as well as historical trend charting can be accomplished quickly and easily using pre-built objects that speed up time to development. Built in alarming capabilities allow you to alert operators to changes in process variables or product performance in real time.

Insight and Optimize – Continuous monitoring of your assets allows you to see the operational health and performance.  Combining advanced analytics with continuous monitoring provides you with powerful insights into how to manage these assets to maximize profitability and revenue.  Additionally, this allows for new revenue streams of support to be developed and expanded.