Facilities Management

Optimizing energy management, raising the efficiency of your building controls, and lowering the cost of your operations are just some of the issues you may be facing if you work in Facilities Management. With building power consumption around 40% of the world’s energy usage, it’s easy to see the potential for cost savings with data collection on your energy usage and advanced analytics to help you find areas that can be improved. Even small improvements can account for large savings in your operational costs.

Many of the products we represent are engineered for continuous operation and high availability – and backed by many years of experience in the industry. Our solutions will work non-stop to reduce your operational costs. Beyond proven dependability, our systems offer built-in monitoring of potential equipment failures — giving early warning of potential problems so you can protect your people and assets while complying with safety and environmental regulations.

  • What if you could predict when your equipment was close to failure?
  • Would you like to connect your Maintenance Monitoring System with your Enterprise?
  • Is a cloud-hosted facility management system of interest to you?
  • Would you like to monitor your facility equipment from a mobile device?
  • Would you like a system that analyzes your facility data, and provides predictive
  • Would you like alarms that notify you of maintenance issues and allow response in real time?

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