Power & Utilities

Controlling and Securing Power Generation and Distribution

CB Pacific’s utility customers in Power Generation, Electric Distribution, Gas Generation and Distribution depend on us to provide efficient and reliable automation solutions to power their business operations.  As today’s aging electrical infrastructure continues to be upgraded and modernized, we offer products and systems that help transmit and distribute power more reliably to minimize downtime and improve electrical safety through our automation and diagnostics.

CB Pacific can help our customers develop solutions that meet the challenges of:

  • Regulation Compliance – NERC CIP
  • Security – Cyber and Physical – protection of the systems
  • Safety of the public and employees
  • Aging Workforces
  • Infrastructure
  • Identifying new sources of Power and Gas
  • Balancing the Grid

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Connect Your Assets, Apply Automation & Leverage Analytics

In today’s digital transformation, better information is needed to effectively manage power generation to optimally balance availability, reliability, efficiency, and environmental compliance. Smart meters, equipment sensors and voltage meters can all be connected via digital platforms but must be kept secure.

The benefits of connecting your assets, applying automation, and leveraging analytics include:

  • Early warning prior production failure with predictive maintenance
  • Understand how to engage control software using analytic software
  • Manages utilities restoration workforce and equips the field workers with actionable data
  • Monitor, control and regulate the power line assets to optimize power flow