Power and Energy

A shrinking workforce, network security, providing accurate and timely reporting, NERC CIP compliance, and maintaining aging and obsolete equipment are a few of the issues facing the Power and Energy sectors today.

CB Pacific’s Power and Energy customers depend on us to provide efficient and reliable automation solutions to power their business operations. As today’s aging electrical infrastructure continues to be upgraded and modernized, we offer products and systems that help transmit and distribute power more reliably to minimize downtime and improve electrical safety through our automation and diagnostics.

  • Are you interested in a high performance HMI?
  • Are you looking for a balance-of-plant solution?
  • Are you interested in displaying your SOE in your SCADA Alarms System?
  • Do you need to implement your Lock Out / Tag Out from your SCADA system?
  • Are you interested in vibration and performance monitoring?
  • Would you like to preserve your retiring workforce knowledge?
  • Are you interested in an electronic log book for critical equipment?
  • Are you looking to update your SCADA or DCS system?
  • Are you looking for DNP3 connectivity into your control systems?
  • Do you need a secure mobile SCADA solution?

The CB Pacific team helps customers drive technology solutions for the transmission, distribution, and management of electrical power across multiple energy-intensive industries.  We represent a wide array of products designed to help you deliver and implement industrial technologies that optimize your process.  The goal is to drive growth and efficiency while anticipating future energy needs – creating a cleaner, more productive environment.