Secure Transportation Infrastructure

Optimizing security and efficiency have never been more critical in the transportation industry as railroad, cars, buses, and airplanes need to continuously improve the experience, safety, and cost effectiveness. Public transit agencies are struggling to keep up with surging demand across an aging infrastructure.

Software and analytics will allow us to make sense of the enormous amount of data collected in order to help meet the key challenges our customers face today:

  • Optimize Traffic Patterns
  • Security Monitoring and control
  • Video Monitoring
  • Location Tracking on buses and rail cars
  • Data transmission both for customers and systems
  • Fuel Optimization

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Optimize the Experience, Safety, and Cost Effectiveness of Aging Infrastructure with IIoT

The last few years have seen a tremendous emergence and growth of Internet-connected devices — from smart thermostats to jet engines. Tracking transportation assets, using video monitoring and more robust security is all critical in optimizing the experience, safety, and cost effectiveness of aging infrastructure. Our customers work with us on solutions focused on critical outcomes that help manage and optimize transportation assets, increase utilization, reduce dwell time, save fuel, and increase velocity.

CB Pacific’s Secure Transportation Infrastructure solutions help transportation providers:

  • Ruggedize, Connect, and Secure Critical Assets
  • Automate Systems, Data Collection, and Reporting
  • Modernize Aging Systems & Network Infrastructure
  • Establish Reliable Industrial Computing Environments