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  • Programmable Automation Control Systems (PLC/PAC)
  • Motion Control
  • Industrial Computing
  • Control Power Solutions

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Programmable Automation Control Systems (PLC/PAC)

Performance, Maintenance and Insight in a Single Controller

Emerson’s high-performance PAC systems are connected to the industrial internet to produce smarter and more efficient results.

Emerson’s next-generation control solutions protect and reliably optimize industrial processes, giving you peace of mind while improving operational performance in any setting. Emerson’s programmable automation control systems provide a single, scalable solution for delivering safe, secure communication between real-time deterministic controls and non-deterministic applications, allowing you to monitor and optimize your operations while minimizing downtime.

RX3i Controllers

Industrial Internet connectivity is built on the foundation of RX3i controllers. It’s a high-availability Programmable Automation Controller with a powerful, modular design. The RX3i has a single control engine and a universal programming environment, allowing it to run on a variety of hardware platforms.

RSTi-EP CPE100 Series Standalone Controllers

NEW RSTi-EP CPE200 Series Controller

RX3i CPL300 Series Controllers


RX3i CPL400 Series Controllers


Motion Control

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Flexible AC Drive Solution

Water/wastewater, metro, automotive, mining, food and beverage, packaging, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing, and modular machine designs all benefit from Emerson’s PACMotion VFDs, which are integrated, rugged, and modular AC variable frequency drives. Emerson’s PAC, PLC, and Edge Controllers are all compatible with PACMotion VFDs. Taking use of the complete system design gives continual input that can help you improve your process and profits.

PACMotion Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

pacmotion vfd

Water/wastewater, metro, automotive, mining, food and beverage, packaging, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing, and modular machine designs all benefit from PACMotion VFDs, which are integrated, rugged, and modular AC variable frequency drives.

PACMotion High-Speed Servo Drive

Compact and powerful drive designed for synchronous servomotors with advanced closed-loop control of torque, speed, and position.

Industrial Computing

Industrial Computing Built for Tough Environments

Industrial computers that can be customized to provide durability, dependability, and a secure connection to the industrial internet.

The industrial internet of today necessitates high-performance technology that can tolerate harsh conditions. Emerson’s industrial computing portfolio, which includes rugged COM Express modules, modular PCs, and displays, lets you fulfill those expectations and maintain your equipment and overall productivity optimal and reliable, even in the most demanding industrial environments. And, with COM Express, you may tailor your solution to meet your specific connectivity and performance requirements.

Industrial PC (IPC)

pacmotion vfd

Powerful industrial computers with the latest processor choices, more storage, improved graphics and enhanced security.

Panel PC

Servo drives

Design, durability and power in an ultra-slim package perfect for the factory floor.

Industrial Monitors

Rugged, modular touchscreen monitors built for use in any demanding environment.

Industrial Web Panels

A cost-effective way to display HTML5 web pages from web-hosted applications with the capabilities of industrial panes.

Control Power Solutions

Choices Tailored to Every Need

In manufacturing and automation, power is a dynamic factor. Voltage sags and power interruptions cost businesses billions of dollars every year. With a complete array of switching and linear power supply technologies, manufacturing facilities can protect practically any equipment application. Choose from a variety of control transformers that are created and built to satisfy a variety of needs for variables such as power, heat, voltage, and environmental conditions.

SolaHD SDN-D High Performance DIN Rail Series Power Supplies

pacmotion vfd

SolaHD SDN-C Performance DIN Rail Series Power Supplies

Servo drives

SolaHD SVL Series Power Supplies

SolaHD SBE Series Encapsulated Copper Wound Transformers

SolaHD SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies

SolaHD SDU AC – A Series DIN Rail UPS