Water & Wastewater

Solutions to Ensuring a Secure System

CB Pacific understands the challenges faced by municipalities and public works organizations trying to maintain complex water and wastewater management systems. Higher production demands, more stringent regulatory compliance, and the ever-increasing needs for more efficiency are just some of the challenges facing the water industries today. Whether the main challenge is complying with strict security requirements, improving operational performance, or upgrading aging infrastructure, numerous municipalities have turned to CB Pacific’s solutions to provide plant workers more information in the field, improve data capture and ensure higher levels of productivity while lowering overall operating costs.

CB Pacific’s water and wastewater suite of products are designed to meet today’s high performance production demands using the industry’s most innovative industrial automation technology.  We aim to enhance operations by providing consulting, training, and offering complementary product technologies to speed procurement and implementation.

Our solutions include:

  • Monitor and control their processes and equipment
  • Graphically visualize and operation the plant
  • Alarm Monitoring, Notification and Reporting
  • Collect data for trending, analyzing, and reporting
  • Provide maintenance information on equipment statistics
  • Mobile and Web Technology for remote access
  • Electronic SOP’s for Operations to follow

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Developing a Secure Industrial Network

CB Pacific’s Secure Connected Utilities Solutions Help Utility Providers

  • Secure Critical Systems & Infrastructure
  • Automate Systems, Data Collection, and Reporting
  • Simplify Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Lower Overall Total Cost of Ownership


CB Pacific recognizes that having security and remote access to the right information is crucial in making the proper decision. Working with Consultants, Systems Integrators, and End Users, we understand the individual requirements for each company in the project to ensure that the ideal design is developed.

We work with you to solve industry challenges such as:

  • Consistent safe flow of high-quality water
  • Environmental regulations and reporting
  • Budget constraints
  • Employee’s retention and training
  • Security – both cyber and physical protection
  • Efficient operation
  • Identify water leakage
  • Reactive customer complaints and repairs
  • Moving to preventative and proactive maintenance