Systems & Network Infrastructure

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CB Pacific has the know-how to help you develop a strong IT-centric foundation to support your operations. We will walk you through the technical requirements as Information Technology (IT) systems merge with Operational Technology (OT) systems. Helping you get connected and ensuring availability of your critical OT applications is our mission, and we’re confident our Systems and Network Infrastructure solutions will deliver the results you’re looking for.

CB Pacific, with our world-class technology partners, deliver solutions for servers, virtualization, disaster recovery, industrial computing, thin clients, and industrial networking. Our deep knowledge of HMI/SCADA & Automation and Manufacturing & Information Systems perfectly complements our Systems and Network Infrastructure solutions.

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CB Pacific’s Systems & Network Infrastructure Solutions

Servers, Virtualization, & Disaster Recovery

We can help you leverage proven technology like virtualization and fault-tolerant servers, as well as establishing a disaster recovery strategy to ensure the highest availability for your operations.

Thin Client Infrastructure

Our Thin Client Infrastructure solutions introduce benefits such as centralized management & configuration, improved reliability, reduced maintenance, simplified mobility, enhanced security, and much more.

Industrial Computers & Thin Clients

It can be a challenge identifying the appropriate hardware to run your critical applications. We are here to transfer our expertise in selecting the appropriate Industrial Computer and Thin Client hardware to meet your application requirements.

Industrial Networking

Understanding the requirements for building a robust and reliable industrial network can be a challenge. We can recommend the solutions for switches, routers, gateways, firewalls, and more based on proven technology from MOXA.

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