Oil and Gas

Wherever oil and gas extraction, storage, transportation or processing is taking place, CB Pacific is there. With years of experience in technology, service and support, you can put CB Pacific to work for your organization knowing we understand the challenges you face because we face them every day, too.

Our mission is to advocate for safe, environmentally responsible development of oil, gas and mineral resources for the benefit of all Americans. CB Pacific is committed to this mission by providing solutions that provide a safer operating environment while at the same time a more effective operations to provide that balance between safety, regulatory compliance and efficiency.

Are you interested control valves from Valtek?

Are you interested in Yokogawa upstream, midstream, or downstream capabilities?

From initial capital investments to daily operating expenditures, CB Pacific can help you reduce costs with our solutions in controllers, instruments and software that offer integrated control and safety, hardened environmental specifications and low power consumption all of which will enhance the safety and reliability of your operations to create a competitive advantage in energy discovery, recovery and efficiency.  Contact us for solutions to issues like the ones below- and more!

  • Are you interested in accessing your plant’s operational data on a mobile device?
  • Do you need help in specifying process instrumentation or automation software?
  • Are you looking to optimize an existing process?
  • Are you looking to upgrade an aging or obsolete SCADA system?
  • Would you like to automate reporting or data collection?
  • Do you want to ensure your staff is following the proper operational procedures?
  • Do you know if your control network is protected from today’s cyber threats?
  • Do you need help sorting important alarms from nuisance alarms?
  • Do you need to monitor and integrate data from several different systems?