Aerospace and Manufacturing

An aging and retiring workforce, integrating highly automated production lines, connecting data from disparate systems, and monitoring quality and throughput are a few of the issues the aerospace and manufacturing sectors face in the marketplace today. CB Pacific’s industry experience spans well over two decades and includes some of the most widely used and best-in-class solutions available today.

  • Would you like to know what is causing production delays and downtime, so you can increase efficiency in your production lines?
  • Would you like to collect your production data in one repository that is easily accessible to all stakeholders for reporting and analysis?
  • Can you imagine the opportunities to improve maintenance efficiency if you let the machines tell you when they need maintenance?
  • Do you need help managing and tracking non-conforming parts inventory?
  • Would you like to use models created from data you’ve collected to predict equipment failures or downtime events?
  • Do you know the OEE of your production assets, or do you wish it was better?
  • Do you need reports customized and automatically generated from your manufacturing data for different stakeholders within your organization?

Implementing these complex solutions into your organization requires a three-tiered approach: product technology, expertise to design the solution, and implementation mechanism to put the technology into place. By partnering with GE and collecting some of the most knowledgeable staff in the field, we possess the most powerful tool you’ll require to meet the demands you face in your operations. In addition, we enter into long term relationships with our customers, and aim to enhance operations by providing consulting, training, and offering complementary product technologies to speed procurement and implementation.

Pyrometry for Aerospace: Demystifying NADCAP and AMS2750 Standards-

Maintaining and perfecting your thermal processing operations is vital to producing high quality and reliable products. Ensuring the overall equipment performance meets or exceeds the industry pyrometry requirements involves advanced control instrumentation technology as well as accurate records of Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS), System Accuracy Tests (SAT) and instrument calibrations. In order to maintain an efficient and effective maintenance program, proper documentation is vital to the overall performance of the equipment.