Heat Pump Solutions

Heat Pump Package Solutions

High Efficiency Heating, Cooling and Hot Water Generation. Armstrong heat pumps function by recovering your wasted heat and putting it to work where you need it most—as a replacement for purchased fuel—to give a fundamental solution for greater thermal efficiency, de-steaming, and decarbonization. Armstrong heat pump systems offer a thorough, complete solution that will get you through the future, regardless of whether your objective is to reduce energy expenses, achieve net zero, or both.

Significant Advantages Over Traditional, Combustion-Based and Electrical Heating Methods:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • Proven reliability
  • Longer lifespan

Tailor Made for Your Industry and Requirements

For your particular project and application, your Armstrong heat pump will be an integrated, package solution. Since every facility is unique, Armstrong’s professionals will carry out the appropriate technical studies to identify the optimal configuration to meet your particular needs.

A complete, integrated system will result, which might include a heat pump, a secondary water heater, a mixing station with a digital recirculating valve, a buffer tank, flow and BTU meters, a COP monitoring system, a recirculation pump skid, a secondary heat exchanger skid, a heat pump housing, a power and control panel, and more.

Industry Applications:

  • Brewery and Malt House—Wort preparation, drum and bottle cleaning, malt drying
  • Dairy—Container sterilization
  • Sugar Production—Boiling process for making syrups, thickening
  • Food Manufacturing—Boiling processes, grain and fodder drying
  • Institutions­—Hot and chilled water for hotels, hospitals, schools and universities
  • Paper Production—Pulp drying
  • Processing Technology—Reclaiming of cleaning solutions
  • Pharmaceutical—Hot water and chilled water for air handling units, process heating and cooling




Dryer Heat Recovery, Chiller and Pool Heating

Dryer Heat Recovery, Chiller &  Pool Heating

Outdoor Installation

Outdoor Installation


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