Food and Beverage

Maintaining a skilled workforce in your maintenance and automation divisions, increasing production to outperform your competitors, and consistently delivering high quality products can be challenging obstacles, at times, when you work in the food and beverage industries. At CBP, we understand what it takes to minimize food safety risks across your supply chain, enabling safer food from the farm to your consumers’ dinner table.

When implemented in your plant, our suite of products will help meet today’s high performance process needs. We know you have diverse stakeholders and regulators – and we also know you are looking to reduce the impact on our environment.

  • Are you interested in reducing recall execution costs and liability risk?
  • Are you looking to improve your boiler performance?
  • Are you looking to improve yields and reduce utility costs?
  • Would you like shortened time to volume on new product launches?
  • Are you interested in increased production without adding equipment?
  • Would you like to reduce the costs of system maintenance?
  • Would you like better recipe management?
  • Would you like to reduce line stoppages and downtime?
  • Are you looking for a universal reporting package?

We want to help you drive your continuous improvement metrics in your plant, including brand protection, quality improvements, and increased profitability. If you also desire energy reduction, water optimization, or emissions reductions – calling CB Pacific today can help you get there.