Training & Events

We Offer Hardware & Software Training Classes

Proper installation and smooth operation of our products is of prime importance. Training is available through regularly scheduled courses, and on- site training can be customized for specific requirements. Product and technology seminars are held to keep our customers current on the latest advances in instrumentation, automation and control products.

CB Pacific is a certified STEP (Strategic Training and Education Partner) training center. Our classroom training courses provide our customers with a comprehensive level of instruction on how to use their products most effectively. Each course is taught by expert certified instructors, who work directly with participants in a hands-on classroom atmosphere providing a highly interactive educational experience.

For questions regarding registrations or payment, please contact Brittany Ward.


Interested in a customized training session? Contact GE-Certified Step trainers, or your account representative or Pete Miller.


We offer training on industrial products, including:

  • GE Plant Applications Training:
  • GE Digital HMI/SCADA training for Cimplicity and iFiX
  • GE Digital Historian
  • GE Digital Operations Hub
  • Emerson PLC Training
  • Emerson Quickpanel
  • Emerson Machine Edition and Machine Edition View


GE Training

GE Historian Fundamentals (345)

The Historian Fundamentals course focuses on system architectures, installation methods, configuration guidelines, administrative tools, and best practices for a successful Historian implementation.

4 Days Online (1/2 day sessions)

GE iFIX HMI/SCADA Advanced (254)

The HMI/SCADA iFIX Advanced course is designed to pick up where the iFIX Fundamentals course leaves off.

4 Days Location; 5 Days Online

Emerson Training

Emerson Controller Maintenance - Logic Developer PLC (7700)

The Emerson Controller Maintenance – Logic Developer PLC course provides the student with the skills necessary to troubleshoot and correct faults in Emerson PLCs.

3 Days Location; 4 days Online

Emerson Operator Interface Programming - QuickPanel & View (7702)

The Emerson Operator Interface Programming - QuickPanel & View course familiarizes the student with operator interface development in the Emerson View Machine Edition environment and the QuickPanel Plus machine level operator interface.

3 Days, 4 Days Online (half day)